African woods

Matchboards, battens, bars, joists,  boards and beams come from a manufacturing process respectful of drying time, in order to reduce moisture and the development of fissures. Our timber is American, European or exotic and its thickness vary. Except fir, the other species have variable lengths too.


Length: from 4 to 4,5 m

Available species

Ajous origin kd
Afrormosia sawn italy kd n / r
Ako origin kd
Amazakoue’ kd origin
Amazakoue’ Italian sawn kd
Bahia origin kd
Bahia origin cortame kd
Bahia sawn italy kd kd
Beli’ gray origin kd
Bibolo origin kd
Bibolo Italian sawn kd
Bubinga sawn italy kd n / r
Doussie’ origin kd
Doussie’ sawn italy kd
Ebiara origin kd
Frake’ starry sawn Italy kd
Frake’ white kd origin
Frake’ starry origin kd
Iroko origin kd
Iroko sawn italy kd
Kotibe’ origin kd
Niangon origin kd
Niangon sawn italy kd
Okoume’ origin kd
Okoume’ kd origin
Padouk origin kd
Padouk sawn kd Italy
Sapelle origin kd
Sapelle sawn italy kd
Tiama origin kd
Wenge’ Italian sawn kd




How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed after one of our agents visits you or directly by contacting our business office by email, phone or by filling the online form.

What is the minimum order?

In B2B commerce, the minimum order quantity is in multiples of packs.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver across Italy and abroad.

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